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  1. Sara Roque said:

    Hello i was very interested in buying a couple of pom poms for my daughters 1st birthday, do you sell them online or do you have a store? My name is Sara by the way.

  2. Heather fort said:

    I really want a mason jar chandelier!! Can u make me one?

  3. Caroline said:

    Do you have the fabric, headboard, or know where i could get either, used on the coral and teal headboard in your blog from Thursday, April 12th?

  4. Sara Yost said:

    Hello!…I am searching for a sail canopy identical to the one pottery barn USED to sell…the white and blue one that you have posted on your blog. It is no longer available through pottery barn…HOWEVER, I read that your hubby is a sail maker???? Do you think he would make me one identical to that one? And if so, what would the cost be? Please reply at sarayost@live.com or call me at 620-668-0359. Thank you SOOO much!

  5. I LOVE the crab painting… how can I get it?

    • Susan Holland said:

      Please provide me with the artist information that did the beautiful crab painting. Would like to see more of their work ! Love your website…. Thank you, Susan

  6. where are youll located , My brother is getting married on april and i want to know exactly where youll are located. please let me as soon as you can thank youu !

  7. Michele Gannon-Masri said:

    Hi Sarah, I’m a fellow Rhode Islander, I live in East Providence. I’m writing to comment about the “Parents’ have a favorite child story”, I don’t have a FB page anymore because I’m a 39 y/o NOT favorite child and my mother would write very bad things on it, along with her “Favorite child”, my sister. They did it to actually humiliate me on FB, so I shut it down.
    The reasons can vary I think the reason in my case is Blame for getting pregnant at 16, and unfortunately for me “she” puts every bad quality my father has in my being. The funny part is I look just like her and my sister looks like him.
    I think that there are many reasons for favoritism. I hope you have lots of luck in your furture!
    If you would ever like to talk regarding this topic my number is 401-438-0033. Thank you for your time. Michele Gannon-Masri

  8. I would like the contact info mentioned with the crab painting. Thanks.

  9. Tawanika said:

    I would like to know what kind of coating the number place cards had on them? The ones you slid inside the lemons. I really like that idea…its budget-friendly and would like to use that idea this summer for a wedding I am planning.

    • Hi Tawanika,

      The coating came on the cards already. It was just a clear laminate I believe. Hope that helps!


  10. sally parrish said:

    When is the outlet store open and where exactly is it located? I have beeen before and want to purchase more linens.
    Thanks, Sally

  11. I’m looking for the LuLu K designed for Matouk sheets/duvet Harbor Island. Do you have those available for sale?

  12. dee malcolm said:

    I am looking for the large gray and white chevron wallcovering. Can anyone help me with a mfg. Tks Dee

  13. Coty Butman said:

    I am looking for massin jar lids would love to purchase some!!! Thanks

  14. Hi i am trying to get the pricing for the vintage french pillow .. can i know the price??

  15. Jennifer Harrell said:

    I love your blog and site and everything! You are so creative!! Can you recommend a site for fabric? I have been looking all over for the fabric that you used for the headboard with the aqua colored starfish? Thanks so much!


    Jennifer Harrell

  16. Hello Sarah

    I have just noticed your winter classes schedule…. I am interested in the reupholstering class… Do I need to register? Can you give me more information?

    I like the chalk painting one too!

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