Chalk paint has really taken the DIY decorating world by storm over the past few years. One of the major benefits of it is that there is very little prep work required before you can apply it to a piece of furniture that needs a makeover. Many boutique shops like mine carry it, and I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t considered bringing it into the store myself, but I’ve always held back because I wish there were more of a color selection in most of the lines. The leading brands carry only between 20 and 30 colors, and while that’s not horrible, it doesn’t give you much of a range. As we know, there are more than three shades of gray in the world. As someone who loves color, I also know that getting the exact shade right can make or break a refinishing project.

So when Lisa Cadan at Cadan Chairs told me that she’s been making all the chalk paint she uses on the furniture that you all have been snatching up, and that she’d be willing to share her recipe with us, I jumped at the chance! This Sunday, March 23rd at 2 pm, Lisa will be here to show us how to make your own chalk paint (in ANY color your heart desires!). Participants will go home with the recipe, a can of paint, a small finished project, and all the tips and tricks (including using wax finishes) Lisa has learned in her extensive work with making and using this paint on her refurbished furniture pieces. Not only does that mean that your future in chalk paint possibilities are endless, but you can also save a bundle on making only as much as you need for each of your projects and not be stuck with lots of half-used cans of paint.

We still have spaces left so if you love to use chalk paint or you always have wanted to give it a try, call 619-1966 and sign up for this class (pre-registration is required). The class is $50 (about the cost of one can of paint from those other manufacturers), plus $15 for materials, and the knowledge is priceless!

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