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One of my favorite things about our house when we were looking to buy it was that it had cast iron baseboards downstairs and cast iron radiators upstairs. They are very efficient, and in many ways I think it’s a shame that they’ve become obsolete in new construction. That being said, radiators themselves aren’t all that attractive. However, radiator covers can be quite striking and even add a custom look to your home. A friend of mine built gorgeous ones throughout their home. I have not yet managed to convince my husband to attempt making them, and I may have just found a reason not to. Seaside Delights makes these finely crafted and fun seaside themed radiator covers that I love!

Choose from cutout designs that include stars, starfish, sailboats, fleur de lys, scrolls, and flowers. They are perfect for just about any room in the house and can be made to size for your home. I would mostly love to add these to our bedrooms where a radiator cover quickly turns an otherwise dead space into a lovely shelf to display photos and keepsakes. So before you look down upon radiators, consider the possibilities and how you can use them to customize the look of your home. Chances are they may become a favorite focal point!

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