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One of my number one rules of design is to always pick neutral colors in the kitchen and bath when it comes to things like appliances and fixtures, including tile which might just be the number one thing that can date a kitchen or bath. Stick to walls and accessories when trying to make a statement in these rooms! So what’s a girl to do when one of her favorite designers–Jonathan Adler– who is known for color pairs up with a great bath fixture company–Kohler– to offer bright colored sinks? Well, rules are meant to be bent…if not broken!

One of the nice things about this collection is that the Jonathan Adler for Kohler  offerings aren’t overwhelming. There are three bathroom sinks and three kitchen sinks available in each of the above colors. I could definitely see any of these colors being appropriate for different designs. The Piccadilly Yellow would brighten up a bath in a sunny cottage. The Greenwich Green would be great paired with a slate gray in a modern space. Palermo Blue would be perfect for an island getaway house. And then there is Annapolis Navy (I honestly can’t believe he didn’t name Newport Navy considering he went to college in Rhode Island-ahem!) which is as classic as black or white.

Yes, navy is CLASSIC. Therefore I don’t have to break my rule to have a piece of this amazing collaboration! A navy sink in an all white kitchen would be crisp and cool. It would work great in a kitchen or bath with bold stripes of red or orange or lime green. You could get funky and pair it with fuchsia or be cool and pair it with gray. But whether you are feeling preppy or modern or eclectic there are plenty of ways to work navy into your decor. I would choose navy over black any day of the week when it comes to anything from a dress to a car. And so while I don’t typically encourage people to veer from the norm when it comes to kitchen and bath fixtures, I’d say if you can do it, get one of these navy sinks. Now I just need to come up with the moolah to re-do my kitchen or bath!

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