You know I love all things nautical so when I came across this removable and re-positionable wallpaper from The Karen Robertson Collection at Casart Coverings I was of course psyched. The monkey fist pattern takes a classic nautical item that we often see in accessories and makes it the star of the show instead of an afterthought.

The crab net wall coverings are equally as fun. This would be great in a powder room.

But perhaps the most genius item in this collection is the wallpaper stripes. No, it’s not striped wallpaper. It’s wallpaper available in 35 colors and 4 width options ranging from 3″ to 24″ wide so that you can get the perfect stripe on your wall either vertically or horizontally without having to fight with painter’s tape. And on a side note, how freakin’ awesome is that anchor artwork made out of starfish?!

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