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I L-O-V-E an ice bowl filled with holiday cheer, and they are so easy to make. This gives you huge bang for your buck when entertaining. As you need to give these enough time to freeze, this is a project that should be made the day before your event if possible or at least 12 hours before if you’re pressed for time.

To start you’ll need two nesting bowls. I used the two largest ones from the Williams-Sonoma set. Pour about two dozen cranberries into the largest one and then place the smaller one top of them. This allows for a thickness of ice to develop on the bottom.

Add evergreen sprigs between the two bowls space equidistantly apart. Pour about half of a bag of cranberries in between the two bowls making sure to spread them out as you go. And then add water about two thirds of the way to the top between the bowls.

The cranberries will float to the top which will create a beaded edge of berries at the top of the bowl which is quite pretty. If you want them to be throughout the bowl put them in before the sprigs of greenery and then place the greenery between the bowls horizontally to help keep them down and add more berries on top of the sprigs. The interior glass bowl will also want to float a little so place another smaller bowl or object inside of it to weigh it down. Place the bowls in the freezer (try to make sure they are level) for at least 10-12 hours or until you can see that it is solidly frozen.

When you remove it from the freezer, you’ll need to let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes (but check it regularly) to let it melt slightly to remove it from the bowl. You’ll probably want to try to do this an hour or two before hand and then pop it back into the freezer without the bowl surround to make sure it is as cold as possible for the start of your party.

This is a really fun way to set up a bar with ice or to chill a bottle of wine or anything else that needs to stay on ice. It could be done in ice bucket form too if you can find two vases or buckets that will nestle into each other. Just remember that it’s still ice so you don’t want to set it up near candles or under bright lights or it won’t last you too long, and check it throughout the party.

For a smaller scale version, pop a few cranberries into the ice cube tray when you’re making more ice and you’ll add a festive splash to cocktails.

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